New Programs for 2015

Superior Lawn Service has been looking for new ways to help you and your family enjoy your lawn and outdoor spaces for over 35 years. With much research, extensive travel, a large investment in new equipment and lots of prayers, we’ve decided to make new programs available in 2015, for your consideration. These new programs will help to provide a solution for mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and other pesky little critters around your home. Below you’ll notice a brief description of each new program. Remember, estimates are free, and we'd love to visit with you. Give us a call at 870-932-1195. Thanks again for allowing Superior Lawn Services to be your service provider!

Mosquito Management Program (MMP)

Our MMP will consist of a residual insecticide applied at ultra low volume around your property. Applications will be applied to the shrubs, bushes, small trees (from ground level up to a height of 10 feet), and along the nearest perimeter areas of your property forming a barrier of Mosquito Control. Any areas potentially used as mosquito resting sites, such as, under decks, around doors, enclosed areas, awnings, near drainage spouts and any shady or moist areas will be treated as well. We will focus on areas where standing water is common and cannot easily be drained because this is the mosquito’s home. The applications will begin in April and occur each month ending in November, resulting in 8 applications of protection.

Perimeter Pest Control Program (PPC)

Our PPC program will consist of 4 residual insecticide applications to the perimeter of your home each year. The applications will be done approximately ever 3 months during the year. These applications will be applied around the foundation and out to 3 to 7 feet on the ground surrounding your home. This residual application creates an invisible barrier around your home that will greatly reduce the number of crawling insects. Most crawling insects will die when they come in contact with this barrier. We will inspect the outside of your home and pay special attention to the areas that provide easy access, such as cracks in the foundation, windows and doors.

Flea & Tick Applications

These applications can be done along with your regular scheduled weed control and fertilizer application. It will consist of 3 applications thru-out the season on a 6 to 8 week time frame. This will control not only the adult fleas and ticks but also any eggs that are in the area.

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