A New Year Begins

It’s time to start another year at Superior Lawn Service, and I wonder where the last one went. Everyone had a great holiday season, spending time with friends and family. We received more blessings last year than we deserve, and, as always, ate way too much during the holidays. My 95 year old grandmother wanted everyone to be healthy & happy. We had lunch together and I got to feed her lunch, and she sang the dandelion song to me as she did when I was little. It was such a blessing to see the smiles on the faces of everyone, as we passed out gifts at the nursing home. It was the best Christmas we could have asked for.

This is a wonderful country we live in, and I’m humbled daily by the awesome people who make it so. The years just keep dropping off the calendar. Our children are growing up. (Cody will start driving this year), and I wonder where the little boy went who used to follow me around the shop. I look back on our time measuring yards together, and playing tic-tac-toe with him sitting on my desk.

Around Christmas time we were talking about the simple things in life, and he asked me what the secret was to a good life. I get teary thinking about it, because I don’t think there’s a secret at all…just a journey we travel each day. I believe on this journey we need to be of service to others, giving more than we receive, and enjoying each day we have, because life’s no dress rehearsal.

You know, I guess that’s our secret at Superior Lawn, providing our service to our good and loyal customers, and striving to be better every day. We consider it an honor and a privilege to be even a small part of your world, and consider you part of our family.

The part we play by providing you green, weed-free lawns is small in a world so big, but, like we’ve done for 31 years, we get up every morning, hit the ground running, and continue to take this service to you very seriously.

Please remember, services will begin in mid-January unless you contact us to make changes.

Thank you for trusting us with your business, and we look forward to providing a “Superior Lawn” for you and your family in the 2011 season.


Kenneth Crisp

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