Mosquito Management Programs


Superior Lawn Services has two different options for Mosquito Management in your landscape. 

Superior Lawn Services
Mosquito Management Program (MMP)


Our MMP will consist of a residual insecticide applied at ultra low volume around your property. Applications will be applied to the shrubs, bushes, small trees (from ground level up to a height of 10 feet), and along the nearest perimeter areas of your property forming a barrier of Mosquito Control. Any areas potentially used as mosquito resting sites, such as, under decks, around doors, enclosed areas, awnings, near drainage spouts and any shady or moist areas will be treated as well. We will focus on areas where standing water is common and cannot easily be drained because this is the mosquito’s home. The applications will begin in April and occur each month ending in November, resulting in 8 applications of protection. 

Mistaway Mosquito Management System


We are an authorized dealer and installation specialist for MistAway’s outdoor Mosquito Management Systems. MistAway has established itself as a household brand name with over 25,000 misting systems in use today, in 14 different states.


You can find more information on the MistAway Systems on their website at or contact us for a free demonstration and estimate to install a system in your landscape.





Mistaway Mosquito Management System


Unlike portable mosquito control systems which attract mosquitoes into your yard, MistAway kills all mosquitoes in the backyard through a series of pyrethrum-insecticide misting nozzles. Our automated and permanent MistAway system, allows you and your family to enjoy a mosquito-free yard all year round.


Whether you call them fly control systems, fly spray systems, mosquito misting systems, or automatic insect control systems, MistAway Mosquito Misting Systems are eliminating mosquitoes one backyard at a time. Contact us today for a free estimate!



Because of our confidence in our programs and service, we guarantee your satisfaction in each and every application. If you are not completely satisfied in the results of an application, we will re-service your lawn or landscape at no charge, or we will refund the cost of the application in question.



Because of the many variables which we must face in dealing with nature, this guarantee does not include plant replacement.

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Environment Concerns


Superior Lawn Service uses only the most environmentally responsible products available. It is our policy to minimize all pesticide use. For this reason we will evaluate the landscape during each visit and spray only the plant material which needs spraying.


With Superior Lawn Services ongoing training program, we keep our technicians focused on safety, ours and yours.